New York Court of Appeals Reverses Conviction based upon Coerced Confession

In a monumental decision today by the New York State Court of Appeals, the Court reversed a conviction based upon the use of a video of the defendant’s day’s long interrogation, because the police engaged in a marathon of cajoling and coercive techniques.

While the police have been permitted to engage in trickery and deception to muscle “confessions” out of people, the New York Court of Appeals finally set a baseline as to what will constitute a deprivation of due process.

The case comes out of Rensselaer County and there is an excellent documentary that was made about it called “Scenes Of A Crime“. The production value is astonishing, particularly for a local story. Watching it, you will get a real sense about criminal law and the lengths the police went to obtain a “confession.” After watching it, you decide whether you think the man is guilty, let alone whether the confession should have been used at trial.

More Information about The Film

“SCENES OF A CRIME” explores a nearly 10-hour interrogation that culminates in a disputed confession, and an intense, high-profile child murder trial in New York State.

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