We believe that each client is "innocent until proven guilty" and we will work tirelessly to make a jury understand this fact.


Albany Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal law is a complicated part of the law and can often be a confusing process to understand. When your future is on the line, you can’t afford to place your trust in the wrong attorney. The outcome of your case can affect not only your life, but can also have an effect on your family’s life, your career and your entire future. Even the smallest misdemeanor offense can have a drastic impact on your life.  Misdemeanor convictions will stain your criminal record and can quickly affect your ability to gain or maintain a job, and will drastically affect your ability to retain child custody if you are in the middle of a custody or divorce proceeding. If you have been accused of a crime, you need the expertise of Albany criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights.

Criminal law includes the following offenses:

Each offense has a specific fact pattern which must be proved in its entirety by the state attorney prosecuting your case. Criminal law requires cases to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a very high burden. If a jury finds that the state has not met this burden, you will be found not guilty. An experienced criminal defense attorney will develop a strategy to prove that the state attorneys have not met this burden.

Albany New York Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Matthew Hug of Hug Law, PLLC has nearly ten years of experience fighting for his clients’ rights in criminal court and works tirelessly to protect their rights and reputations. A strong believer that each client is “innocent until proven guilty,” Matthew will work hard to make a jury understand this fact. As an experienced lawyer, Matthew serves clients in Albany, Saratoga, Troy and elsewhere in Upstate New York’s Capital Region.

Each criminal offense involves a distinct set of facts and therefore, each case is different. Matthew is able and prepared to handle any criminal case, large or small, and will work to develop the best defense strategy for his client’s case. He works tirelessly to defend and advocate on behalf of his clients and is committed to assisting clients through every step of the criminal defense process.

If you’ve been accused of a crime, contact Albany criminal defense attorney Matthew Hug today or give him a call at 518.283.3288.