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New York DWI – What is a Conditional License?

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A conditional license is a restricted or limited driver’s license that will allow you to drive under limited circumstances.  A conditional license will allow you to drive to and from work and during work hours if driving is a part … Read More

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Breathalyzer Refusal Hearing In Albany NY – What Must be Proven

Posted on by Matthew Hug

Have you been alleged to have refused to take a Breathalyzer Test (chemical test) in New York State? If so, you are granted a hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to determine whether your license will be revoked … Read More

Can the Court force me to sell my car if I get a DWI and don’t want the interlock device because I won’t be using my car?

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Pursuant to Leandra’s Law, a condition of sentence for a D.W.I. conviction is that an interlock device must be placed on your vehicle. This interlock device is fairly expensive, as you must pay a private company to have it installed. … Read More

DWI and the Non-Negotition Policy of Albany County

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The penalties for being convicted of DWI are constantly changing in the State of New York, and they are getting more and more serious every year. In addition to the increase in penalties, the New York State DMV has instituted … Read More

Expansion of Ignition Interlock Device in New York for Persons Convicted of DWI

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A number of additions were made to “Leandra’s Law” at the end of 2013 that substantially affect the imposition of an interlock device on your vehicle if convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI). The most substantial change is the minimum period the interlock device … Read More