Case Results

Won DMV Revocation Proceeding

Administrative Law

(Mar. 2015)  Client was alleged to have refused to take a chemical test in conjunction with an arrest on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.  Matthew Hug represented the client before the DMV Administrative Law Judge and, won the hearing thereby securing the extinguishment of the revocation for the alleged refusal.

Negotiated Plea in Return for Probation in Attorney General Organized Crime Task Force Drug Conspiracy Case

Criminal Law

(Mar. 2015)  In case involving more than 20 defendants and over 200 charges arising from a months long wiretap investigation, defendant was charged with more than a dozen offenses and faced decades in prison.  Matthew Hug successfully negotiated a plea deal that resulted in a sentence of probation.

Got DMV’s Revocation of Client’s License Lifted

Administrative Law

(Mar. 2015) New rules enacted by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles have made it very difficult to get your license back if it has been revoked under a wide variety of circumstances.  These new rules are so draconian that it could mean revocation for life.  While these rules have been challenged unsuccessfully in court by others, Mr. Hug sued the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles challenging those rules and, secured the immediate removal of the revocation of his client’s driver’s license.  In fact, the DMV elected to not even respond and,  removed the revocation based upon the arguments raised in Mr. Hug’s lawsuit alone.

Won Physical Custody for Parent Against Other Parent and CPS

Family Law

(Feb. 2015)  In a very difficult and lengthy family court case in which his client had only supervised and very limited visitation, Mr. Hug after a long legal battle successfully reunited the parent with their child by eliminating CPS from the case that was overstepping its bounds and establishing that the other parent had manipulated the facts and the system in securing custody and preventing contact with the other parent.  After a year of fighting, Mr. Hug’s client achieved a complete victory and has been reunited with their child.

Saved Client’s Professional License

Administrative Law

(Feb. 2015)  Successfully prevented client from losing professional broker’s license and negotiated resolution in a difficult case to a brief suspension with assured return of the license within moths where the agency was seeking revocation.

Prevented Prosecutor from Taking DNA Sample from Client

Criminal Law

(Jan. 2015)  In a commercial burglary case in which approximately $150,000 was alleged to have been stolen, Matthew Hug successfully prevented the prosecution from compelling defendant to provide a DNA sample which, weakened the prosecution’s case to such a degree that they offered to reduce the sentence from a maximum of 10 years in prison to a sentence of 1 – 3 years.

All Charges Against Client Dismissed

Criminal Law

(Dec. 2014) Client faced three charges, including resisting arrest, stalking in the first degree and aggravated harassment and retained Matthew Hug.  After making motions and investigating the case, all charges were dismissed.

Reversed Client’s Conviction of DWI Arising out of Fatal Accident

Criminal Law/Appellate

(Oct. 2014)  Matthew Hug was retained by individual that was sentenced to one year in county jail after her conviction for aggravated DWI that arose from a fatal car accident.  Matthew Hug got her released from jail and she remained free on bail pending appeal. On appeal, Mr. Hug successfully argued that the police improperly obtained a warrant to take a blood sample.  As a result, the conviction was reversed and the case was dismissed.

Secured Conviction for Correction’s Officer Accused of Sexually Touching Female Inmates

Special Prosecutor/Criminal Law

(Sept. 2014)  Matthew Hug was appointed by Greene County to act as a Special District Attorney for an inflammatory case in which a correction’s officer working at the County Jail was accused by female inmates of having engaged in sexualized behavior and abuse.  After a lengthy case, Mr. Hug secured a conviction against the correction’s officer.

Settled N.S.F. Case for $740,000.00

Products Liability/Pharmaceutical Injury

Settlement obtained for gadolinium injuries including Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis from multi-national corporation.

Eliminated Client’s Jail Sentence


(July 2014) Client convicted of DWI in Town Court and sentenced to six months in jail and retained Matthew Hug to appeal his conviction.  Mr. Hug secured the client’s immediate release from jail pending appeal and successfully argued that the sentence was harsh and excessive.  Mr. Hug was successful and his client did not serve any jail time as a result.  This case was reported on by the Albany Times Union.

Reversed Conviction Following Guilty Plea

Criminal Law/Appellate Law

(Jan. 2014)  Reversed client’s conviction on appeal, despite the fact that it arose from a guilty plea.  Mr. Hug successfully argued that the plea was improperly taken because of rules related to charges prosecuted by Superior Court Informations.

Reversed Convictions for Assault and Robbery in First Degree

Criminal Law / Appellate

(Nov. 2013)  After defendant was convicted of assault in the first degree and robbery in the first degree after trial, Matthew Hug appealed the conviction and got the entire conviction reversed.  Mr. Hug convinced the appellate court that the conviction had to be reversed on account of prosecutorial misconduct.

Reversed Convictions for Criminally Negligent Homicide

Criminal Law / Appellate

(May 2013)  After the defendant was convicted of two counts of criminally negligent homicide, Matthew Hug appealed the conviction and got the conviction reversed and all charges dismissed.  In the novel case, the defendant was convicted for criminally negligent homicide when two people died from injuries sustained in a car accident while they were stuck in traffic.  The prosecution alleged and proved at trial that because, the defendant created the traffic jam (30 minutes earlier and 1/2 mile away) he was responsible for the deaths of the two victims.  In a case of first impression, Mr. Hug argued that the law should not reach so far as to create criminal liability for everything that happens on the roadway after he or she causes a car accident.  The appellate court agreed and reversed the conviction and dismissed all charges.

Preserved Plaintiff’s Judgment Against Bar Owner

Personal Injury / Appellate

(May 2013)  The Plaintiff recovered a judgment against a bar owner when he was injured by the bouncer.  Matthew Hug was able to preserve the judgment against appellate attack by the defendant.

Won Longest Trial in the History of Albany County

Criminal Law

(Apr. 2013)  In a criminal drug conspiracy case involving more than 30 defendants and approximately 200 charges prosecuted by the New York State Attorney General’s Office, Mr. Hug took the matter to trial.  The trial lasted 13 weeks and, at the conclusion, all charges against Mr. Hug’s client were dismissed.

Acquittal in Assault in the Second Degree Case

Criminal Law

(Jan. 2013)  Defendant charged with assault in the second degree and criminal possession of a weapon on an allegation that during a fight, he stabbed the complainant in the back with a butterfly knife.  Matthew Hug took the case to trial, contending that the stabbing was in self-defense.  Based upon Mr. Hug’s advocacy at trial, the jury acquitted the defendant of all charges.

Reversed Convictions for Assault and Robbery in First Degree

Criminal Law / Appellate

(Nov. 2013)  In a criminal drug conspiracy case involving more than 30 defendants and approximately 200 charges prosecuted by the New York State Attorney General’s Office, Mr. Hug took the matter to trial.  The trial lasted 13 weeks and, at the conclusion, all charges against Mr. Hug’s client were dismissed.

Recovered Over $860,000.00 for Client Against State Agency


(Jan. 2013)  Judgment from Supreme Court in case against New York State Agency in Albany Engineering Corp. v. Hudson River Black River Regulating District, in excess of $860,000 in damages and interest.

Reversed Dismissal of Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Other Claims


(Jan. 2013)  In a case between a baked good distributor and manufacturer involving allegations of breach of fiduciary duty by the manufacturer toward the distributor, Matthew Hug reinstated claims that were dismissed by the trial court.

Secured Multiple Convictions as Special Prosecutor in Massive Ballot Fraud Case

Criminal Law

(Dec. 2012)  Following a three year investigation and multiple trials against politicians, political appointees and political operatives into forgery and fraud involved in stuffing the ballot box with absentee ballots in an election, Matthew Hug along with co-counsel, Trey Smith, secured four criminal convictions of politicians and political operatives for their participation in the ballot fraud.

Reversed Dismissal of Father’s Custody Petition

Family Law/Appellate

(July 2012)  In a difficult custody case, Matthew Hug was retained to reverse the dismissal of the father’s custody petition by the Family Court.  The case was of particular complexity given the fact that the father alleged that the mother — who resided in the State of Virginia — had exposed the child to physical abuse.  The Family Court dismissed the petition claiming that the father had to move for custody in the State of Virginia.  In a lengthy and highly researched argument related to jurisdiction of the State of New York over children residing in other states, Matthew Hug convinced the appellate court that the State of New York could exercise jurisdiction over the case and reversed the Family Court’s decision and reinstated the petition.

Reversed Manslaughter & Reckless Endangerment Convictions at Court of Appeals


(June 2011)  In a tragic case where a child died as a result of vicious physical abuse endured at the hand of the defendant’s boyfriend, the defendant was convicted for manslaughter and other charges, despite the fact that she was at work when the child was killed.  Matthew Hug appealed the conviction all the way to the highest court in the State of New York, the Court of Appeals.  First, Mr. Hug appealed the conviction to the Appellate Division and dismissed a count of manslaughter.  With other convictions still remaining, Matthew Hug appealed the case to the Court of Appeals and, won, securing a reversal of the defendant’s conviction for reckless endangerment.  People v. Lewie.

Reversed Conviction for Assault on a Police Officer


(June 2011)  The defendant – a female – was convicted after trial on allegations that after she came to the aid of her brother that was first attacked by a gang of bigots and then roughed up by the police, she inadvertently kicked a responding officer in the groin while she was being held off the ground, against her will, by a bouncer outside of a tavern.  The defendant received a withering prison sentence.  After two other attorneys told her that there was nothing that could be done, she retained Matthew Hug.  Mr. Hug successfully argued that she was deprived of a fair trial by the trial court’s refusal to read a lesser included offense to the jury.  The Appellate court reversed her conviction and returned her case to the trial court.  Mr. Hug continued to represent the defendant and negotiated her immediate release and an end to her prison term.

Won Article 78 Proceeding in Land Use/Zoning Case

Real Property / Land Use and Zoning

(June 2010)  Matthew Hug was successful in defending Town of North Greenbush Planning Board in an Article 78 proceeding brought by a landowner that claimed the Planning Board was biased and acted arbitrarily in setting conditions on approval of  his residential subdivision.

Reversed Conviction for Reckless Endangerment in First Degree


(Mar. 2010)  Matthew Hug appealed defendant’s conviction that arose after he engaged in a mid-day shoot-out in the City of Schenectady and, convinced the appellate court to reverse his conviction for reckless endangerment in the first degree.

Won Major Constitutional Case before NY Court of Appeals

Constitutional Law /Appellate

(May 2009)  In the most important constitutional case of the 21st century, Matthew Hug convinced the NYS Court of Appeals that police must get a warrant before they attach a GPS monitoring device to a citizen’s car and track his movements.  The case was essentially the first of its kind in the United States and, was later cited by the United States Supreme Court.  In conjunction with the ACLU, NYCLU, NADCL and numerous other religious and civil liberties organizations, Matthew Hug argued that the government should not be permitted to track their vehicular movements.  Preventing a Big Brother society, Matthew Hug was successful before the Court of Appeals in a case that had received national media attention.

Reversed Conviction of First Degree Rape and Other Charges


(Feb. 2009)  Reversed conviction based upon argument that the defendant did not receive a fair trial where the prosecutor introduced evidence of uncharged crimes and alleged bad acts.  Matthew Hug successfully argued that the series of errors committed at trial required that the defendant’s conviction be reversed.  After the reversal, the defendant’s sentence was reduced from 50 years to 5 years

Reversed Conviction for Drug Possession at NY Court of Appeals


(Feb. 2009)  Matthew Hug successfully argued, before the NYS Court of Appeals, that the defendant’s conviction for criminal possession of a controlled substance had to be reversed because, the police engaged in a body cavity search (finding the cocaine) without a warrant.  The Court of Appeals reversed the defendant’s conviction.

Reversed Conviction for Drug Possession


(June 2008)  Matthew Hug successfully argued that the warrantless search of defendant’s apartment was constitutionally defective and, that defendant’s conviction had to be reversed because, evidence of the fruits of the search were improperly admitted at trial.

Reversed Dismissal of Police Officer’s Claim to Receive Benefits from Injuries Sustained while on the Job

Municipal Law /Appellate

(Mar. 2007)  Trial Court deprived police officer that was injured while chasing a fleeing suspect of receiving benefits on the ground that he was also receiving Social Security benefits.  In a case that had far reaching implications, Matthew Hug successfully argued to the Second Department (Brooklyn, NY) that police officers that were disabled and unable to work after being injured on the job could recover their police benefits as well as their Social Security benefits.