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Albany Campus Crimes Attorney

Campus crimes are a unique part of criminal law reserved for students of college campuses who participate in crimes that often involve more criminal activity than local campus police can handle. College students are considered adults (they are over the age of 18), but often still act like children in particularly unfortunate situations. If you or your child have been charged with a crime on a college campus in the Capital Region, it is advised to contact an experienced campus crimes attorney who can ensure that it does not ruin their academic and professional career.

What Are Campus Crimes?

Campus crimes occur on a somewhat regular basis throughout the state of New York. This often includes underage drinking and other alcohol-related offenses. Police officers will often show up to fraternity/sorority houses without probable cause in order to search the house for any illegal activities. A knowledgeable, successful criminal defense attorney will develop a strategy to dismiss charges and research into whether the police had a valid reason for their “stop.”

Arrests and criminal convictions for campus crimes can have a large detrimental effect on the future of a college student. College is about a time of growth and experimentation before you enter the real world and forge your career. A criminal conviction on your record will severely hamper your ability to land a job after graduation and may even result in your suspension or expulsion from your university.

An experienced attorney that has handled campus crime cases will be able to carefully examine all the facts in the case and determine whether law enforcement acted properly in charging you with a crime. Misdemeanor offenses are typically what campus crimes entail, and many people often feel that they can represent themselves in these types of situations. However, this is one of the worst decisions you can make, as representing yourself without thorough knowledge of the law will almost surely end up in a conviction. A conviction will permanently remain on your record and will have to be disclosed at each job interview and each grad school application. You do not want to risk your future prosperity in your own hands. An experienced Albany criminal defense attorney will be well accustomed to defending campus crime cases and can develop the best defense strategy for your case.

Hug Law, PLLC | Albany NY Criminal Defense Attorney

Campus crimes are often very miniscule crimes (misdemeanor offenses) that serve more to aggravate the student rather than uphold the law; however they do have the potential to cause extreme damage to the student’s future. You do not want to be punished for the rest of your adult life for a night of folly while you were in college. Contact our law offices today so that one of our criminal defense attorneys can begin reviewing your case.