Albany Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Commercial litigation is often a separate ballgame from traditional business transactional work and criminal litigation. Commercial litigation in New York must follow different procedures than criminal trials and requires an excellent understanding of litigation techniques. Not every lawyer is a litigator and it is important that you contact an attorney who is well experienced in a courtroom.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation often includes many business transactions which must be taken to court. This is vastly different from criminal and even ordinary civil trials (such as personal injury cases), and instead requires a deep understanding of business transactions and contract law. Commercial litigation often includes the following types of cases:

  • Contract disputes
  • Appeals
  • Business dissolution
  • Merger/acquisition disputes
  • Trademark infringement
  • Professional athletes
  • Construction
  • Insurance
  • Products liability such as lemon law violations and breach of warranty

Each of these subjects involves quite a bit outside research and knowledge relating to the specific form of dispute which is not often commonplace to many criminal and civil litigation attorneys. Each case requires specialized knowledge of the subject matter.

Commercial litigation requires much more than just simple court battles, but can also include months of negotiations and mediation before the case goes to court. An experienced commercial litigation attorney will work hard to save you money and reach a favorable settlement with the other side before going to court. However, on the off chance your case does go to court, an experienced attorney will also understand how to create the best strategy to ensure you receive the amount you deserve.

Commercial litigation cases

Not every lawyer is a born litigator. Commercial litigation cases involve much more specialization and know-how because a commercial litigation attorney has to be able to be skilled in both the transaction side and the litigation side of contract disputes. Many commercial litigation suits are settled before the case goes to court, and this is the result of a skilled attorney’s negotiation skills.
Litigation is something that needs to be handled only by skilled professionals. A case which is poorly handled can result in years of further appeals which only drag out the case.

Hug Law, PLLC | Albany, New York Commercial Litigation Attorney

Matthew Hug is experienced in handling business disputes and understands that commercial litigation cases do not always have to be fully litigated. Hug is a skilled negotiator and will continuously meet with the other side to get you the settlement offer you deserve. Our firm understands that you do not want to spend years fighting a battle in court, but instead want to get back to operating your business. If you need a skilled commercial litigation attorney to negotiate, settle, or argue your case, do not hesitate to contact our offices. Matthew Hug is skilled at both negotiations and litigation and have appeared before the New York Court of Appeals. Contact our Albany office today for your initial free consultation during which we will review the facts of your case and make a determination on the length of time and the necessary background.